When your locks break or your keys go missing, Locksmith Power is your most competent and effective source of comfort. Our highly trained technicians will attend to your needs accordingly.

Locks are basically a part of our daily lives. Wherever we go, our key chains go with us. From the time we leave home, start our cars to our destination, lock our vehicle at the parking lot, head to the office, unlock and lock office doors, drawers and safes, we are always relying on our keys. But when we get locked out, locked in or worse scenario lost our keys, we start panicking. But wait, Locksmith Power is here to help you!


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We are locksmith professionals in the City of Los Angeles always on-the-go to assist you in your most frustrating day 24/7 all year long. Choosing a locksmith is quite an ordeal but consider these two factors: reliance and dependability. Locksmith Power has always been your friendly locksmith answer to your needs. Our company provides the greater Los Angeles area guaranteed excellent service. Our skilled, highly trained, and polite locksmith team is committed to give you protection, security and satisfaction!

Experience always counts. We are very much aware of the Los Angeles locksmith area. We reside, live and work in the same surrounding areas we offer service to. We are well aware of the existing security issues that you may encounter or the dilemma of fixing your locks or security system. Locksmith Power technicians have the skill, training and experience to address all of your locksmith needs. Our locksmith personnel have several years of experience and have attended and completed the latest locksmith training possible.

Along with our professional knowledge and years of experience, our company uses tools and equipment that are state-of-the-art. We have a vast and complete inventory of supplies to get the job done right the first time around. Our  service vehicles are completely equipped and stocked for any job requirement. You name it, from replacing lost car or motorcycle keys to installing or repairing safes and electronic locks, to changing or repairing locks in your home or business, we got you covered! Put your trust in us and we’ll get you going!

We gladly service the following cities in Los Angeles County:

·         Los Angeles

·         Sherman Oaks

·         Culver City

·         West Hollywood

·         Santa Monica

·         Beverly Hills

·         Glendale

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If you need a Locksmith Expert, Locksmith Power is here! We will arrive at your location as fast as we can!
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Why Us?

Our company employ trustworthy technicians with years of experience, underwent certification and are completely qualified to do any particular job you may require. We have very competitive and yet affordable rates along with quality of service. When you call LA LOCKSMITH - Locksmith Power at 818-827-1330, an actual person and not a recording will be taking your call and will be listening and taking notes to attend to your urgent needs. Our business is open and ready to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays!  We provide service in and around the areas of the City of Los Angeles, Culver City, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks and West Hollywood.  Aside from having the technical skill, professional knowledge and years of experience, we always have the  appropriate tools, equipment and supplies to cater to your needs and get it right the first time around.  Locksmith Power can send you a qualified and trained locksmith service expert that will give you a security estimate on site and install exactly what is needed to protect your assets. We will gladly come and treat your needs with utmost importance.  Call now at 818-827-1330  for your locksmith needs!

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Locksmith-Power Services

Locksmith Power offers four service categories:  Residential, Commercial, Automotive and Emergency.
To provide your home with the maximum security needed to protect your loved ones and property, our locksmith experts are licensed and bonded and know what they should do and what they are doing in order to meet the urgency of your needs. Each and every employee is a carefully selected home locksmith specialist, skilled and trained and who has the most updated knowledge and the most advanced professional equipment. Call us at 818-827-1330 and know what excellent service means.  


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Locksmith Power has highly trained locksmith technicians all over Los Angeles area. Their expertise includes everything that involves locks and manipulation of security systems. No job is too small or too big for us. Whether it’s duplicating a lost key or changing your current computerized setup so you can enjoy the latest technology in security system, we’ll be glad to assist you in the best possible way we can. Tell us what you need and we’ll start from there.

Locksmith Power will guarantee quick response time, competitive pricing, careful and efficient way of handling your needs and most importantly courteous and professional staff. Your satisfaction is our main concern.

Our business is your safety. When you become one of our valued customers, you will always be on our top priority. We’ll guarantee the same service and more. We always go the extra mile for our valued customers.